Virtual Dog Training – The Convenient, Affordable and Highly Effective Way to Train Your Dog

What is “virtual dog training” you may be asking yourself? It’s simple – it is “meeting” with a trainer no matter where in the world you live, and all you need is a webcam and an internet connection. 


How I can help

Have a new puppy that chews everything and refuses to be house broken?

Does your dog bark at you, animals, the neighbors and won’t be quiet?

Is your dog overly aggressive or afraid on walks?

Jumps on everyone that walks through the door?


Have questions about caring for your senior dog? 

All these things and many more can make life difficult and challenging for everyone. You wonder what can be done?

Hello I’m Hindy, a certified dog trainer with 20 years of helping people quickly and easily train their dogs and puppies. You may have a new puppy you want to train or an older dog that needs help.

My virtual training is the convenient and highly effective way to get the professional assistance you want and need.

I work with all my long distance clients via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Video or phone. I answer your questions, offer suggestions, and show you step-by-step techniques to change your dog’s behavior.

Experienced dog trainers have smart ways to quickly train just about any dog. I share these methods with you so you get the easy, satisfying results you want.

After our virtual session, I send you an email that summarizes the solutions we talked about. All my methods can be used by anyone, especially those who have no experience training a dog.

Now you’ve got a dog or puppy that behaves, doesn’t cause problems, is confident, happy, and ready to love you and life.

Does your dog have a particularly challenging problem? I’ve worked with every type of dog and challenge there is. I can drill down to the root cause of your dog’s behavior and show you simple ways to fix the problem.

Virtual Dog Training is much more affordable, convenient, and effective than inviting a trainer into your home. My virtual training gives you the expert help you need without interrupting your schedule.

Having a dog trainer in your home can make your dog nervous and more difficult for her to learn new things. My virtual training lets you and your dog work together for excellent results.

Virtual Training is affordable Just $20 for 30 minutes of consultation. Want to go longer? I provide 45 minutes for $30 and a full hour of training, conversation, and information for $40.

Have just one burning question you need answered? 15 minutes will cost you just $10.00

This is the premium, convenient expert assistance you need to train your puppy, correct behavior problems, and help your dog live a healthier, happier life.

Please contact me now to start your virtual dog training. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself and your dog.









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