Virtual Dog Training

I am excited to announce I now offer virtual dog training for long distance clients via Skype, Google hangouts, Facebook video or phone. An email service is also available for individual questions or follow ups if needed. So even if you don’t live where I do (which changes!!) you can now get solutions that are tailored to your specific needs from the comfort of your own home!

Why virtual training?

Glad you asked. Contrary to popular belief, your trainer doesn’t always have to be physically present to be effective.

Often times, in-person classes are informative, but the advice and the lessons can be generic, leaving you the task of figuring out how to implement that advice on your own.  

Because my training and consultation sessions are one on one, our time together can be spent however you like, focusing on whatever issues are most pressing to you at the moment, while I help you create routines and solutions that you can implement in real time.

More advantages of virtual training

After hours advice

As we all know, difficult situations don’t only show up when it’s most convenient for you. So if something comes up between sessions and you need some advice, I encourage you to take advantage of my “ask a question via email” service. Even if it takes a couple of days to schedule a video appointment with me, I typically respond to email within just a few hours.


  • Perhaps the area you live in doesn’t have organised training classes
  • Maybe you have been waiting several weeks for a current puppy class to end before you can enrol in a new one
  • There may only be a couple of trainers in your area, all with long waiting lists for an in home visit

With remote training I have more flexible hours. And that means I am able to meet when it is most convenient for you. Even if that is while you are still in your pyjamas!!

Perfect if you have a hectic schedule

We all have such busy lives, it can be hard to schedule anything “extra” these days! If you work long hours or travel a lot it can be hard to attend set weekly classes, or find those few minutes when you and your trainer’s schedules coincide for a home visit. Remote training can be done on your lunch hour at work! Eat while we chat…I don’t mind. What about on the train on your way to a meeting? Just not in the quiet car please!!

Virtual training means no matter where in the world you are, you can get the advice you need, when you need it.


Having a trainer come to your home can be quite expensive. Not only are you paying for their expertise, they may also factor in travel time, gas, and mileage.

Virtual training means no extra overhead costs. My training fees are just that- for the training, plain and simple!

Doing some prep work

You don’t have a dog yet but you’ve decided to learn more about what’s involved, if you’re really ready, what you can expect from life with a dog or even what supplies you need in advance.

You like my style and approach

I believe very strongly in the importance of “connecting” with people, and the same holds true for doctors, dentists, vets and yes trainers too! You may have seen my site, my Dog Parenting 101 Facebook page, you like the way I present information or my passion for helping people become amazing pet parents is just plain obvious. 




Contact me to learn more, or to book your virtual dog training session.


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