Virtual Dog Training & Consultancy Service



The Convenient, Highly Effective Way to Train Your Dog…Remotely!

  • Got a new puppy that chews everything and refuses to be house broken?
  • Does your dog bark constantly?
  • Is your dog overly aggressive with people or other dogs?
  • Wish your dog would come when called?
  • Would you like your dog to walk calmly on a leash?
  • Need general advice on taking care of your rescue pup?


Senior Dog Care Support Service

If you share your life with a senior dog, than this service is for you. I can help you as you face the challenges caring for a senior dog may bring. I have been fostering and adopting old dogs for 11 years, and I understand first hand how important it is to have people around you who “get it.”  

Here’s how I can help:

  • It’s your first time sharing life with an old dog and aren’t quite sure what to do, what he needs...
  • What are the natural signs of aging and what indicates a problem
  • How to help your senior dog (and you!) adapt to changes you’re seeing such as hearing/vision loss, incontinence, dementia…
  • Ways to get your senior dog to eat – I know that’s a challenge!
  • Exploring treatment options
  • Tips and tricks to keeping your senior dog comfortable
  • Building a relationship with your vet and ensuring you get the best care for your dog
  • Quality of life issues/when it’s time to say goodbye
  • Maybe you just need a shoulder, someone who understands


Hello I’m Hindy, a certified dog trainer and care consultant with over 10 years of helping people quickly and easily train their dogs and puppies.

My remote dog training (also known as virtual dog training) is the convenient and highly effective way to get the professional assistance you want and need.

What is virtual training?

One on one training and consultation sessions no matter where in the world you live via Zoom, Skype or FB video.

Advantages of remote training

Perfect for lockdown

With so many of us around the world stuck in lockdown, we don’t have access to “face to face” services like we used to, dog training being one of them. Meeting “virtually” is the perfect solution.


Custom sessions

We talk about what you want to talk about, tailored to your exact needs and concerns.



  • Your area may not have organised training classes
  • Maybe you’ve been waiting several weeks for a current class to end before you can enroll in a new one
  • There may only be a couple of trainers in your area, all with long waiting lists for in home visits

With remote training you can get the help you need quickly.  


Perfect for hectic schedules

We all have such busy lives, it can be hard to schedule anything “extra” these days! Remote training can be done on your lunch hour at work! Eat while we chat…I don’t mind. Traveling for business? We can chat in the departure lounge while waiting for a flight.  



Having a trainer come to your home can be expensive. Not only are you paying for their expertise, they may also factor in travel time, gas, and mileage.

Virtual training means no extra overhead costs. My training fees are just that – for the training, plain and simple!


After our remote session I send you an email that summarizes the solutions we talked about.

All my methods can be used by anyone, especially those who have no previous experience training a dog.


Virtual Dog Training is affordable, convenient, and effective

30 minutes – $25

45 minutes – $37


Contact me now to start your virtual dog training. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself and your dog.







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