What is the Best Type of Dog Leash I Should Use

What is the best type of dog leash I should buy

Dear Hindy,

I’ve been doing some leash shopping recently, and I can’t figure out what the best type of dog leash is. Can you tell me please! Thank you, Lydia

What is the Best Type of Dog Leash I Should Use

Dear Lydia,

I know what you mean, there are lots of styles, materials, designs and lengths to choose from, it’s tough to decide!! You didn’t mention how old your dog is or whether or not he or she walks nicely on a leash, so I’ll cover as many bases as I can.

A standard leash comes in lengths of 4’, 5’ or 6’ and the most common materials are nylon and leather. The other type is called an extendable or flexi leash. The handle comes in a variety of sizes, and the wire that extends out of the handle is available in different widths and lengths, the one you choose will depend on the size (and strength) of your dog.

My personal preference is a 5’ nylon leash and I’ll explain why. I find the 4’ doesn’t allow my dog enough freedom, and the 6’ is so long I have to wrap it around my hand too many times for it to be comfortable. I buy nylon because I don’t buy leather! As a bonus nylon comes in a ton of colors and patterns if you want to be fashionable!!

I don’t believe flexi leashes are safe, even though the majority of people I see use them. They allow their dogs to walk so far ahead of them, one step over and they’re in the street in front of a car. You don’t have the control of a standard leash should you need to get a firm hold of your dog or stop him from entering a dangerous situation, like crossing into the road. It’s a lot harder and certainly more painful to grab onto the wire of a flexi leash than a standard one.

Do I believe there is a place for a flexi leash? Absolutely. I use them for my old dogs who have mobility or vision issues and just wander around on the grass, or take short walks along the sidewalk. Having said that, I never use one if I’m on busy streets with them.  

Good luck.


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