Why Does My Dog Eat Poop

why does my dog eat poop

Dear Hindy,

This is so disgusting I can barely write it. My dog Melvin eats poop…and loves it! He stinks and I won’t let him near me. How do I stop it? Thanks, Evelyn.

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop

Dear Evelyn,

Gross to us but not uncommon for them I’m afraid! I did have a dog that ate poop as well, so I totally understand what you’re saying.

The “official” term is known as Coprophagia and there are various reasons why a dog might engage in that activity. It could be the result of a medical condition such as Cushing’s, pancreatitis or intestinal issues, but most often it is behaviorial. Some dogs simply enjoy the taste, or they’ve developed a habit and can’t stop doing something they like.

The only way there really is to stop is –

Monitor him closely when out walking, and keep an eye out for any area he’s particularly interested in

If you do let him off leash try and watch where he goes, but if you can’t you may need to keep him on a leash for awhile and see if it breaks a habit

Clean up poop immediately, especially if it’s in the backyard and he plays there

If you have a cat be sure you keep the litter box clean 

Good luck!



Hindy Pearson
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